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 Szukano :  What%20Kind%20of%20Socio-Economic%20Order%20Do%20We%20Need%20in%20Europe%3F
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 1. When all could no longer be equal in death : a local community's struggle to remember its fallen soldiers in the shadow of Serbia's civil war, 1955-1956 /2010.Bergholz, Max.eng
 2. Where nothing needs to be said : Heidegger, Walden, and the "Odas elementales" of Pablo Neruda /2004.Slate, Nico.eng
 3. "Where your treasure is, there is your heart" : a corpus-based study of 'there' compounds and 'there / where' subordinators in the history of English /2001.Österman, Aune.eng
 4. White eagle, red star : the Polish-Soviet war, 1919-20 /1983.Davies, Norman (1939- ).eng
 5. The white generals : an account of the white movement and the Russian civil war /1971.Luckett, Richard (1945- ).eng
 6. The white slave or Memoirs of a fugitive : a new picture of American slave-life /1853.Hildreth, Richard (1807-1865).eng
 7. White women captives in North Africa : narratives of enslavement, 1735 - 1830 /2011.Bekkaoui, Khalid (1961- ).eng
 8. Whittaker Chambers : a biography /1997.Tanenhaus, Sam.eng
 9. Who gets ahead? : the determinants of economic success in America /cop. 1979.Jencks, Christopher (1936- ).eng
 10. Who is who in the world. 15th ed., 1998 /cop. 1997.Marquis Who is Who.eng
Poprz. 10 Tytuł    Nast. 10 Tytuł


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